Monday, March 14, 2011

Toothfairy frogs.

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I snapped this because someone was looking for tooth or toothbrush fabric...
I had it out because I am culling the stash once again.
First I am going to cut some 10.5 inch squares for pieced backs & charms for I Spy quilts - out of the novelties.
Out of the brights, I am just cutting 10.5 inch squares.
Some of these squares - brights & novelties may become a "Corduroy" quilt.
One of the last pages shows the quilt - which is from my interpretation tossed squares - overlapping, with some background showing. I am going to use a "fleece" like fabric for the base...
Do you think that quilt basting spray will stick the squares long enough to top stitch them down?

I'm sharing the photo of the tooth fairy frogs, because this is my all time favorite frog fabric!

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Rhonda said...

Too cute...I love the fairy frogs.