Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lanc., Pa. quilt show

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No, I did not go to the quilt show - you might remember my rant on that subject from last year... I vowed not to go & this year my schedule could not carry it...

Meanwhile my flickr friend Ida did go & she gave me permission to post this photo. (I would have loved to have seen this one closer - to see the treatment of the snow....)

There certainly isn't anything like the south side of a north facing dog.

(Which reminds me of an episode of Antiques Roadshow, where the appraiser was explaining that subjects presented in this manner to not command as high of a price in auctions.)

If you are some what close to Lancaster, the show is on today. Ida told me that there is a Renegade Show at the Host & that at the Official Show, the ticket sellers were better at telling people about the other 2 floors worth of "mostly vendors" & the official Satellite show (that I only heard about as I was headed home) was not there this year - I guess too many people missed it last year.


paula, the quilter said...

I took a class from David Taylor and he brought this piece to class. Do you realize that this is totally hand applique? Yeppers. He has an HQ sit down (don't know which one) and the quilting that he does is quite dense.

Kay said...

Technically this is impressive, but I have to wonder why he thought the dog's butt was appealing. Do you sense a pro-cat bias there?

Had to laugh at your little list on the previous post. I do that too, and I'm not sure how helpful it is: whether it feels good that some things were done or whether there is frustration at the ones that weren't.