Friday, March 11, 2011

I got this gem from my husband...

Here are the private-sector occupations that employ the most people (top 10 list) in 2010:

1. retail sales person
2. cashiers
3. driver/sales workers and truck drivers
4. Registered Nurses
5. First-line managers of retail workers
6. secretaries
7. waitstaff
8. customer service representatives
9. cooks
10. managers, all other

Huh, I'd say about half of the private-sector to 10 list is made up of low-wage workers.

I wonder if those forlks who are harping on public sector workers (teachers, etc.) think that this might push down the average wage of the private sector? (Not that those gross comparisons ever match education levels or even job types, just broad averages.)

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Vicki W said...

It would be interesting to see that same list for public sector job. I wouldn't expect to see teachers in the top 10. Someone should put together a real honest comparison chart. But no one is going to offer that up for us!