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Happy Spring

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Wordless Wednesday

Friday, March 25, 2011

good & scrappy

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As most of you probably know, one of my mantras with quilting is "more is more." (The other being done is better than perfect.) & You probably also know that I love scrappy quilts.

Without further jabber, this one might just be my favorite quilt from the photos that Ida took in Lancaster.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Best of Show

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(Well there were 2 different shows - the "Official" one & the "Renegade" one...)

Grand Prize winner

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Is that the same as Best in Show?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


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I almost forgot got my addition on this theme... A sue holding a cat - naturally!

Yet another one

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I know many people do not care for Sunbonnet Sue (myself included) but this one is actually fairy clever. Seriously, there is a Sherlock Holmes with a magnifying glass, A Hawaiian girl with a lei, & a Canadian with a Maple leaf off the top of my head. Fun.

Do you have a favorite? That Aussie with a boomerang? Based on this take, what would you add? A _____ to represent _____ festival that your locale/culture/etc. is known for?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another one from Lanc. Pa. Show

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I'm torn, I like it because it is a cat quilt. I can see that it was done well, the turquoise background works nicely with the orange cat, but there is something about it...


Monday, March 21, 2011

Another one from Lanc.

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Did anyone doubt that I would have favorited this one?

For those of yo keeping score, no my cats do not drink from the faucet - they stay far away from those wild water machines!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My little reader!

My little reader!
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Happy Purim!

Happy Purim!
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I'm realted to the toddler dressed as a baby past his bed time!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lanc., Pa. quilt show

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No, I did not go to the quilt show - you might remember my rant on that subject from last year... I vowed not to go & this year my schedule could not carry it...

Meanwhile my flickr friend Ida did go & she gave me permission to post this photo. (I would have loved to have seen this one closer - to see the treatment of the snow....)

There certainly isn't anything like the south side of a north facing dog.

(Which reminds me of an episode of Antiques Roadshow, where the appraiser was explaining that subjects presented in this manner to not command as high of a price in auctions.)

If you are some what close to Lancaster, the show is on today. Ida told me that there is a Renegade Show at the Host & that at the Official Show, the ticket sellers were better at telling people about the other 2 floors worth of "mostly vendors" & the official Satellite show (that I only heard about as I was headed home) was not there this year - I guess too many people missed it last year.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Pondering

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This post has nothing to do with the photo - though I will probaby get a similar shot in about 2 weeks when I go down to see the Cherry Blossoms.

Anyway - yesterday I wrote a quick list of some small quilty goals.
1. tuck label into box - done!
2. Tape & label box - Done!
3. Mail box - goal for today, it is in the car already (Thanks again.)
(So yes, dear readers a top is almost on its way to be long armed.)

4. Check the cat pattern - did, but did not make the decision that this was supposed to generate
5. Cut fabrics on the chair -
6. Press the greens - (I pressed 1 out of I am not sure how many...)
7. cut the greens - (They did not get pressed, so they did not get cut.)

So I did some & then again not so much...
But I guess the list was helpfull...

Do you have these small lists? Do they help?

(In case any one wants to know, all of those are simple cuts - the greens will be a pieced back - the others will probably be a pieced back too, but some will be on the Corduroy quilt, no tricky cuts - squares & rectangles.)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A little green?

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Just a quick post to start the day. I almost forgot to wear green, but I fixed that & it was an easy switch - YAY!

I used some of this in a quilt or several & then sent them on to be loved & used by another. :o)

Happy St. Patties Day.
(I got an Irish Cream Cheese Cake for my sew-n-tell this coming Sunday - I can't wait, for the cheese cake or the sew-n-tell!)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday

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I'm just a bit deep in thought... Will these help? Are they in Japan too?
I took this photo on March 8, 2011 before the Earthquake/Tsunami & have felt conflicted about it ever since... At the time I was thinking - "Boy is that a relic." now not so much...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Toothfairy frogs.

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I snapped this because someone was looking for tooth or toothbrush fabric...
I had it out because I am culling the stash once again.
First I am going to cut some 10.5 inch squares for pieced backs & charms for I Spy quilts - out of the novelties.
Out of the brights, I am just cutting 10.5 inch squares.
Some of these squares - brights & novelties may become a "Corduroy" quilt.
One of the last pages shows the quilt - which is from my interpretation tossed squares - overlapping, with some background showing. I am going to use a "fleece" like fabric for the base...
Do you think that quilt basting spray will stick the squares long enough to top stitch them down?

I'm sharing the photo of the tooth fairy frogs, because this is my all time favorite frog fabric!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

This time last week

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+/- a couple hours. One of my husband's friends from high school (no they did not reconnect on facepage, they stayed in contact) was in town, so we went down to see them...

(Jacob was looking a the duck in the fountain, but this is a great shot either way.)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Everyone's son does this, right?

Everyone's son does this, right?
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It was so funny, he got them all the way to his bedroom. When my husband got home, he asked, "Why are my shoes in Jacob's room?" I showed him the photo & he had a good laugh.

The flowers are blooming!

The flowers are blooming!
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In the US Botanical Garden conservatory at least...

I got this gem from my husband...

Here are the private-sector occupations that employ the most people (top 10 list) in 2010:

1. retail sales person
2. cashiers
3. driver/sales workers and truck drivers
4. Registered Nurses
5. First-line managers of retail workers
6. secretaries
7. waitstaff
8. customer service representatives
9. cooks
10. managers, all other

Huh, I'd say about half of the private-sector to 10 list is made up of low-wage workers.

I wonder if those forlks who are harping on public sector workers (teachers, etc.) think that this might push down the average wage of the private sector? (Not that those gross comparisons ever match education levels or even job types, just broad averages.)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What do you see in your rear view mirror?

What do you see in your rear view mirror?
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Take a shot, blog it & leave me a comment so I can see!

Or just say something snarky like 50 lbs. Because seriously, I would love to see 50 lbs., my student loan, & a couple other things in my rear view mirror...

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I know as a country we need to tighten our belts (heck as an individual I need to tighten my belt) but where we are chosing to do it really bugs me.

The Bar chart in this link shows it in a simple graphic that you, I, we should forward onto everyone who either applauded the extension of the Bush Tax breaks for the wealthy or who talks about cutting what ever part of the budget that doesn't effect them directly. You don't even have to read the article. Just look at that the graphic...


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I was going to share this in one post, but I had cut/paste issues... read the background in the next post. (Detail shots in my flickr.)

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I tried to post this in blogger, but I had cut-paste issues... (detail shots in my flickr...)

One of my favorite quilters...

Is Cathy Wiggins. I first found out about her in 2007 & ever since near the end of February, she has made me smile! You can see what I mean by clicking (a couple years there I did not include detail shots, but there are detail shots in my flickr... "Other Peoples Quilts.") below. Some (heck, most) of those years she had 2 quilts in the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, &
For 2011 she had 2 quilts again (& a blue ribbon):
DAMMIT - I forgot, sometime I can cut & past other times not...

Monday, March 07, 2011

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Just sharing the pretty...

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Just sharing the pretty...

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Just sharing the pretty...

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Just sharing the pretty...

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Just sharing the pretty...

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Just wait

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til you see the detail shot!

detail shot

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trapunto & rouching

Creepy or cute

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Either way it was done well & used some of my old favorite prints.


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more than just an ordinary landscape quilt...


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Those are tiny pieced quilts in that big quilt.

A red quilt

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O.K. So I like monchromatic quilts. So I have done my own "+" quilt. So I like the low contrast & high contrast blocks. Etc. I really loved the hand quilting. Yes, the white tendrils that shoot out from the center, those are lines of hand quilting. Go ahead, take a look at the next post - then you'll see!


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(I saw more quilting details on the full size as i tried to read the title...)

Do you...

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See the Pelican? Awesome quilt all around...

Not just...

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Another pretty quilt, this one one a ribbon!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Oh the hypocrisy

So I am a crappy blogger who can't figure out how to get this clip into my blog...
I know that Jon Stewart is an entertainer & that The Daily Show is entertainment, but the way he is pointing out the hypocrisy being done by some regarding couples who make over $250,000 to teachers who make $50,000 + benefits & how we can't cap the salaries of Federally bailed out Wall Street CEO's, but we can cap the salaries of teachers (because our taxes pay their salaries) Oh & their bonuses are contractual agreements... Teachers work under contracts too...

The clip is here.

Best in Show

Best in Show
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Nothin' to say on Friday...

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

A unionized public employee, an ill-informed citizen, and a CEO are sitting at a table. In the middle of the table is a plate with a dozen cookies on it. The CEO reaches across and takes 11 cookes, looks at the ill-informed citizen and says, "Watch out for that union guy. He wants a piece of your cookie."


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O.K. so I don't "get" this quilt (& I don't read the placcards or pick up the brochures) but some of the details were very nice, They can be seen in the next 2 posts...

(This one was not the controversial quilt - I am not prudish enough for that one to have even elicited a response from me... I did not photograph it even.)

The artist is Kathy Nida & as a coincidence, she made the controversial quilt as well - which can be seen in her Recent Works area. (

Detail 1

Detail 1
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Detail 2

Detail 2
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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Those flowers are buttons!

Those flowers are buttons!
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I took the photo because those gigantic buttons are being used as flowers. (I have seen buttons similarly used to a lesser effect...) But I have since taken a second/third look & I really like so much more about this quilt...