Thursday, January 27, 2011

Borders added

Originally uploaded by aviva_hadas

Soon after I finished piecing this quilt I chose the borders with a little help from my sew-n-tell friends - based on what was available. I have no idea why it took so long to add them to the top. Heck it took a week or two after I finally cut them to add them to top.

I was a little quicker with piecing the back. The single fabric that I thought I was going to use was not long enough, so I added two other 1 yard pieces. Luckily they are all Alexander Henry Judaica prints & the go well with each other. (Also I had no Earthly idea how else I would use them so it felt good to use them here.)

Unfortunately my Plan A binding did not go well with this border, but I found a substitute in my Judaica bin. (One of those prints that I only purchased to support the industries decision to make them in the first place - aka not a print that I really liked very much.)

This quilt has been mailed of to be long armed - probably just a stipple, but I give a lot of leeway to the long armer.


Jeanne said...

Love the blues! And love your little helper :)

Rhonda said...

Someone looks like he was already ejoying the quilt.

Libby said...

Look how happy that quilt makes him!