Tuesday, December 14, 2010


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I know I shared this yesterday, but I need an exercise in, "How many words/images can you find? If you see anything else, please chime in.
I'll start with the ones that made me use them in this quilt.
Top row: Jack-o-lantern, Atlantic Ocean, cherries, Ohio, book
alternates for the Jack-o-lantern piece: pumpkin, witch, tombstone, cat, outline, vine, carving
alternates for the Atlantic ocean: Just on how this fabric is cut, part of Africa & Madascar are showing, but you can also see Alaska/Bearing Sea - so you can also see part of Russia
I can only add stems & red to the cherries piece
Alternates for Ohio: football, airplane, Lake Erie, Lansing, Michigan
Alternates for book: "L"ittle & all of those characters...

Now for the all cat row (You knew I had to do one of those, right?)
Cat with Jonquil, Cat with Apples, Cat with Chopsticks, Cat in Outerspace, Cat in the Bath.
Alternates, daffodil, daisy, sushi, Japanese, eating, UFO, spaceship, planets, tub, towel, rubber ducky, brush

Japan, Avocado, Cars, Owl, Boy
Alternates: Geisha, kimono, (Does that cart have a name? the gate?), pit, skin, flesh, specific types of cars: truck, jeep, smart, RV, Police, cactus, desert, saguaro, prickly pear, mountain, child/children

Jacks, Airplanes, Camera, Otter, Blueberries
Alternates: tic-tac-toe, checkers/chess, cards, bingo, scrabble, pick-up sticks, pencil, die

(I wish I had found more than a fq of this one... No I don't, I am using & culling! Which reminds me, if you see something that you could use or just want shout, if I have it, I can share.)

back to the list of alternates: types of airplanes: Pace, Standard, Rocket, Stinger, Plane instead of "airplane"
Tiger, jungle, safari, danger, (The image came from a zoo panel, so zoo in a pinch.) tree, pond (also in a pinch.)

I guess the otter is in pond, or lake, or stream, water
Ican't add much to the blueberries.

last row: Jalapeno hot sauce (I know because it says so on the label.) Arithmetic/Apple/A, crown, Octopus/O, Boombox

Alternates: hot sauce, jars, "1", "Uno", "Hot", "Flame", "Gecko", flames, sauce, flip-top bottle, book, ink, jump rope (Hey that cat print is a goody - I & J - whoo hoo!) mouse, bow, "C", "A", "T", "S", paper, chalk, easel, gems, pearls (I can't describe the crown any further...)
O & Octopus covers the next one, unless you get into the suckers on the arms, or point out the eight arms.
Which leave us with boombox and cassette tapes. The boombox has an antenna, speakers, cassette deck, radio, dials, nobs & buttons. As a final stretch, the cassette tape has a label.

That was fun. I partially did this to help a friend who is new to the I SPY game and has a hard time seeing the trees for the forest...

Also I'd like to thank those of you who swapped with me or gifted to me charms to help make this quilt possible. I remember purchasing 18 of the 25 on this block, but many are from gifts & swaps. better than that, I know that several of these are no longer in my stash!


Kay said...

This is such a fun quilt. And welcome back. You must have had a great trip.

Miri said...

LOL! Love this quilt and this post! What fun!