Saturday, December 18, 2010


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Our ship had to make a U-Turn to get into the berth correctly, so we got to see quite a bit of this lovely scene. You might be able to tell that the ocean (on the left) is quite rough, so it was not "warm" then again I was able to wear a t-shirt & it was December 1, 2010.

Meanwhile, when I left you this morning, I mentioned something about sewing. Several hours (a break for breakfast at the crepe place & a nice nap) later & the J-A-C-O-B quilt is a top! & a very big top while we are at it! My estimate 80x100 - maybe even 90 x 110. (I was aiming for twin...)

I also pieced the worlds most expensive quilt top together as well. (& I am a bit "meh" about it. The mediums are awfully light & I wanted a dark quilt...)

Photos tomorrow, I hope. (I am bringing them both to sew-n-tell to press the long seams.)

Also I baked a pumpkin cranberry bread for sew-n-tell.

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julieQ said...

How fun! The water looks so fun...and great to make progress on the JACOB quilt too!