Monday, December 20, 2010

The J-A-C-O-B quilt

The J-A-C-O-B quilt
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The JACOB quilt is a top. A very big top. My goal was twin... At least it does not hang down on the other side as well. & my border plans are officially scrapped. I will back it with a rainbow colored cat flannel (I have a full bolt.) I am considering a multi/rainbow print for the binding - but I am also thinking black for the binding.

I know how I want it quilted. Each "J" image/square will have a "J" quilted on it. Etc.

I've looked & looked & have not found any uh-oh's, but every time I see that 30's print that has bicycles & jump ropes - I see the bicycles first & think that it is an uh-oh.


Andi said...

It looks great! What a fun project.

Rhonda said...

Jacob is going to have some wonderful times spent looking and finding items on his quilt.