Saturday, December 18, 2010

"We" fed the Lorikeets

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My husband was waiting for his Bahamian friend to join us at the zoo, so Jacob & I went in first so as not to miss the keet feeding. They eat apples! (There are more photos in flickr where I have a bird feeding & I am taking a picture myself. & There are some where the bird is feeding, I am taking the picture myself & I am trying to get Jacob to look at me feeding the bird while taking a picture myself.)

The bird man was rather unimpressed. (The brown pelicans that he saw the day before & the crows that we saw yesterday, now that is another story.)

It is 5:18 a.m. & all is quiet, so I am going to go sew now. :o)

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Pat said...

Being afraid of birds (the quick, unpredictable movements they can make), I'd not be doing that kind of I do enjoy seeing photos of others doing it!