Wednesday, November 03, 2010

My Favorite Martian

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Get some coffee, this may take a while.

Once upon a time ago, I saw & fell in love with this "fabric." (It is recycled pyjamas by Munki & I had to trade to get it - again & again, until I felt I had enough.) I got some other recycled pyjamas by the same designer that are equally fun.

I relatively quickly cut into them for my I SPY quilt.

Time passed & I fell inlove with a pattern that I had seen several times on flickr. Mix Tape. (here is one:
I found out that it is a self published pattern by Elizabeth Hartman, of Oh Fransson! fame. She has updated this pattern in the mean time... She has also just been published & I love her book. (I also love that I got it for free by using one of my punch cards at the LQS. Do your LQS's have punch card too?) & I decided to buy the Mix Tape pattern.

I also saw this quilt & was SMITTEN:

So I started to collect, yearn for, and trade for appropriate greens. & then I stalled, you see I wanted to add this green & that green to the mix...

Then I started my hexagon quilt & thought I'd love to have some of those greens in this quilt too... & I wanted plenty of my Munki pyjamas in there as well. I chopped away for my hexagon love quilt & then this project sat again.

Meanwhile, I scored some alone time with a Kona color card & decided that Mocha would be an awesome sashing - something a bit different & unexpected...

Then Jackie had a Kona sale, but no Mocha... Finally Mocha came in & I had to figure out how much to buy. (I don't want to cut it as at it is in the directions - from the length...) Now that I have Mocha on order, I need to start making blocks.

This past weekend, I started to do the math. (Nothing with me is easy.) There are 64 blocks in the quilt, but I don't want the martians in every block, I figure about 3/4's of the blocks would be intersting... Now there are 8 varieties of blocks made from 3 differently sized rectangles, so I needed to figure out how many pieces that would entail. I knew that I did not want only large, medium, or small martians, I wanted a mix. (The directions work from the that a strip & cut 3 of this size, 4 of that, etc. Not helpful for my method or my wants.) So I get my numbers... I then start to cut. After the first "leg" I realized that I don't have enough for 3/4's of the quilt & I can't pop down to the LQS to get more, so I cut as many as I can. - Novel, I know! While doing this, I decide that since the blocks are not all horizonal or vertical in the quilt, that I should cut some Martians in both arangements as well... That was not as wasteful as you might be thinking... As a matter of fact, I am fairly pleased with the lack of waste. Sure I got a few more pieces for my Hexagon love quilt & some 2.5 inchers for an eventual postage stamp quilt... But that was just a bonus.

Truth be told, it feels good to have this all cut up.

Now to figure out how much of the greens to cut. (I have more than necessary, but I have to compensate for the shartage of martians...) Oh & I have no idea how many of each of the martians I have any way... (Easy, never!)

Oh & I still want some Paula Prass Cobblestones in sage.


Rhonda said...

You are truly the math queen....I could never calculate all go girl!!!

Karen said...

I'm reading along in your blog, and OMG that's my quilt! lol :D

Thanks for adding it to your post, I'm flattered. :)

I love that martian fabric as well. I've got a couple scraps that I'm hoarding. :)