Thursday, October 14, 2010


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As in Yes, I am sure that all toddlers do that quick glance to make sure you are following them...

But I am posting to get you ready for a personal challenge.

Which 10 "healthy" recipes would you teach to a child. (Not that Jacob is old enough, but I want to be prepared & I'd love to hear your answers.)


*karendianne. said...

Ms. Cook here! :) Homemade soup. THAT I can do. My parents taught me.

Jessica said...

teach to cook or teach to eat?
seeing as he's too young for a stove.. i'll let you cook this one:

Greek Spinach & Rice
I make it close to this recipe, but use frozen spinach, arborio rice, and a fresh chopped tomato in place of the tomato paste. I also skip the lemon & feta, and George loves it. He eats it while I sing "Popeye the Sailor man.."

paula, the quilter said...

This isn't really a recipe, but I never, ever had sugary things in the house. Now my DS is 34 and has absolutely no sweet tooth and said that I spoiled him for candy and such. Yay! I'm patting myself on the back. Good job, mom.