Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Blogtoberfest October 5

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So I have been working on my hexagons.
Here is the progression in 50+/- steps...
1. Purchase hexagon papers (1.5 inch) several packages.
1a. Put them all into one ziploc retaining one set of instructions.
1b. Think about hole punching them all twice.
2. Think about the project.
2a. Will I persevere through the basting?
2b. Will I persever through the whipstitching?
3. Think about what kind of fabrics to use.
4. Think about it some more.
5. Look at inspiration photos.
6. Study design options. Think about the required fabric amounts for each/most.
6a. eliminate traditional GFG
6b. eliminate limited pallette
6c. eliminate 6 of the same in use in 1 quilt
7. Think about the "how to" options.
7a. baste through the paper?
7b. How did that gal do it on flickr?
7c. Do I have to trim the fabric into a hexagon?
8. Remember the Japanese whipstitching together method.
9. Think about the quilting.
10. Think abou the eventual size. (Queen/King - of course)
11. Decide on "mosaic" almost charm, but not quite.
11a. How many pieces is too many?
11b. will it matter that there are a lot of singles?
12. Dive through fabric scraps & think about which ones to use & which ones not to use.
13. Decide which is the smallest size scrap that can be used easily. (3.5 inch square)
14. Beg/Barter/Swap for more fabrics - "More is more!" (Yes, I am accepting donations.)
15. Remember that you'd rather have one bit of _________ that have to purchase a FQ.
16. "Do I have enough Polka Dots?" "Maybe."
17. Cut a pile of 3.5 inch squares.
17a. Sort into primary pile.
17b. Sort into double/triple/quadruple pile.
17c. remove some from 17b.
18. Look at yardage/fqs that still need to be trimmed of a 3.5 inch strip.
19. Generate new scrap pile.
19a. Go through & decide which can be donated/given away.
20. Trim selvages in case someone is still collecting them.
21. Trim the extreme trimmings into pet bed scrap bag.
22. Pile extra charm pack charms into "give away" pile.
23. Add to the 2.5 inch squares bag.
24. Add to the 3.5 inch novelties bag.
25. Rummage through "WIP" "KITS" & "UFO's" for fabrics that can be acquired/traded for the benefit of this project.
26. Think about whether or not the Liberties "go" with the other fabrics.
27. Ditto 26., just substitute Wm. Morris.
28. Scour the cat and novelties pile of fabric for suitable additions.
29. Make a "to go" bag.
29a. Find the bag - debate is it too big? Verify that it has a zipper.
29b. Get ziploc for the primary pile of charms.
29c. Grab the hexagon papers.
29d. Buy a hole punch.
29e. Grab your hand sewing box.
29f. Find your pins.
29g."Where the heck are my pins?"
29h. "Don't have more pins?"
29i. "Oh Heck, I need to get to Sears." (Good thing I live fairly close.)
30. Drop your car off with the mechanic.
30a. Go to the food court.
31. Start punching holes. (Luckily it came out of the packaging nicely.)
32. Pin the hexagon to fabric.
33. Run out of pins.
33a. Decide to buy more pins.
33b. Think about buying more papers.
34. Start to baste the hexagons around the paper like that gal on flickr.
35. Talk to the mechanic (Thankful not a major expense)
36. Put everything back in the bag.
36a. Decide to grab one more ziploc - to have the pinned bits separate from the non-pinned charms.
37. Buy a soda.
38. Think about whether or not this is a good to go (as in will I bother with it again) project.
39. Pull everything out & start punching more holes, & pinning more hexagons to the charms.
40. Now that the Mall is open (not just the Auto center & food court) bag everything up & wander back to the Auto center, by way of the restroom which is after the boys clothes, choose two super cute long sleeved t-shirts.
41. Collect the car. (Give a guy a Jump - even though the weather was yucky.)
42. Photograph the evidence!
Skip through errands & land at the LQS
43. Decide not to buy a charm pack for this project - YAY!
44. Buy pins & 1 more hexagon papers pack. (I am not sure how many I need... heck, I am not sure how many I have.)
45. At home roughly try to figure out the number of hexagons needed for this project.
45a. "How big is a queen sized quilt?"
45b. "I'm glad my hexagons are big-ish."
46. Think about punching more holes.
47. Think about cutting more charms.
47a. Decided not to include the Liberties or Wm. Morris prints.
48. Think about culling the duplicate pile.
48a. culled some, need to/might cull some more.
49 grab that extra ziploc & separate the pinned from the yet to be pinned.
50. remove big scissors, the tiny ones are enough for the thread snipping.
51. Ignore the fact that the hand sewing box was located near the quilt that still needs to be bound...

Some of this is still on the "To Do" list. Which is quite different from the thinking about list.


Lesly said...

lol -I'm exhausted just reading this!

Sarah said...

Making the quilt will probably take less time than all this!

Cathi said...

You made me laugh out loud! The quilt will be beautiful -- and probably a lot less work than typing the list! ;-)

hetty said...

OMG! I'm breathless just reading your list. Just start making them. These things are addictive. Trust me!

QuiltingFitzy said...

OMG, someone who overthinks JUST like I do! hahahahaha.it's.so.painfull.

So, you prolly don't wanna know, but Inklingo has templates that you print onto freezer paper. Cut apart and iron onto fabric so you can include seam allowance. I used your same size. They are reusable.

If you do not tack thru all the layers, you will not have to remove that tacking thread. I'd tack one, then tack the next, without clipping the thread (I was sewing on the bus to work) making a chain of 5 or 6 before I'd run out of thread.

Yes, punch one hole, that's all you need (and if you're not ironing it down, you won't need a hole.

Leave the papers in until you have completely surrounded it with other hexagons, eliminates it from stretching out of shape.

Design ideas? Nope, ain't gonna touch that one, lol. Mine is a repro GFG, a wallhanging that I'm now handquilting while on lunch break at my desk.

Wanna laugh? Wait until you have to figure out to do with the edges!

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

quilters love their hex's.

Jessica said...

i finally had the time to read this whole post and though i can comment with empathy on most of your steps, it was #51 that got me. every. time. ohhhh my poor neglected-so-almost-finished UFOs!