Sunday, September 12, 2010

Scotty Dogs

Scotty Dogs
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O.K., I am not a huge fan of dogs. (In quilts, I would rather spend the time working on cats - specifically the applique project that has traveled to Australia, Israel, & the Caribbean.) & in real life I am o.k. with a visit, but I wouldn't want to live with one. (Except for when I think about the built in exercise = walks, but then I think about walks in the rain...)

With all of that said, if I had a swath of tartan plaid, I would be tempted to do something like this.


Libby said...

But they make doggy rain coats . . . and we had some of our best walks in the rain in CA - we had the beach to ourselves (all tourists are afraid they will melt) One time we saw rainbows and dolphins - a show for two *s*

Melinda said...

Since I am allergic to cats, dogs are my choice. I have a yorkie and a chihuahua. Love your cat quilts though.