Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Labor Day weekend revisited (quilt related! Including some quilting by ME!)

Wow that was a Jam Packed weekend!
We recently realized that our little man could use a toddler sized table & chair for all of the important stuff that he does!
On Sunday, we checked out a couple stores & looked online (been looking for a while). We then went to Ikea & made our purchase. After which we went to the Maryland State Fair. DSCF0376 (Do you see that black & white NYB that I previously shared from the Montgomery County fair?)
On Monday, we decided to put the Ikea furniture together - real quick so that we could have the day to do other stuff. Har-dee-har-har. Well at least we did get it together & someone got to use it too!
Do you need this? Do you need this?
Helping Helping hands...
Success Those are soy-based crayon rocks. He used all of the colors & chose a different one ech time he went to get another piece.
DSCF0478 Used purple & red, choosing blue...
DSCF0490 The masterpiece!
We went to the playground
DSCF0463 The word that you don't hear, "done." Which is why it looks like he is trying to get off. 95% of the time, he'd rather push than ride this type of playground toy.
DSCF0451 & yet while on this toy you will hear "push."
DSCF0476 & Because it was hot & we played hard, we had some ice cream. (Free baby cones at Brusters!)
DSCF0506 Daddy & Jacob Lego'd while Mommy sewed!
DSCF0497 I actually started before lunch after coloring while the boys wet to get some mozzarella for the Caprese salad (I got some heirloom tomatoes at the fair's farmer's market booth.) My non-counting helper.
aside: I made the blocks awhile ago. I knew "about" how many I had - 63. But I counted 64. So I asked my counting helper to count them again. Different sewing strategies are required for an 8x8 layout as compared to 7x9...
Off & on between making lunch, playing, building, etc. I worked on this top. I first sewed pairs (Making sure not to sew two cats together & trying not to sew the same reds together.) then 4 patches, then 4x8, then I put two 4x8 units on my design floor DSCF0516
(Up to this moment I was going random with arbitrary reasons for choosing this pair over that to put together.) & decided that 8x8 was not going to be long enough. Simple enough to change that to a 7x9.
DSCF0517 Even with help from another non-counting helper.
DSCF0514 He learned all he needs to know about helping from this cat: DSCF0521 Although this old man cat was more interested in lounging than helping.
The more clever of you out there in the blog-o-sphere will have realized that this block is directional. & that it is not as simple as remove a row, remove a block & sew it to the other side to fix... Oh well, here it is after more unsewing that I wanted...
DSCF0523 The block placement is random & honestly, I doubt that it would have been any better if I had used a design wall. I have scrutinized & can not find any "If I had a design wall those would not be together" areas. YAY! In the second & third stage of assembly, I decided to purposely place some (most/all?) of the positive/negative prints together.

The 64th block was a cat print, but I don't miss it. There are about 15 cat prints - including the one that says, "When all else fails, pet the cat." & others that say, "meow."


Sarah said...

He looks so cute coloring at his big boy table!
Your quilt looks great! All that matching was worth it.

floribunda... aka Julie said...

The red quilt is very cute, but I especially like all the pictures of your helpers! Jacob is looking very grown-up...

Vicki W said...

You got to sew! Woohoo! I love the bow tie quilt.

GRACE said...

looks great amy, even with your non-counting helpers...gosh, jacob is growing so fast, didn't i tell ya? don't blink, he'll be in school next, yeah, it's THAT fast

*karendianne. said...

Oh my gosh what a great post!!! I love the super smiley photo of Jacob at his new table. Your quilt... now that's a winner especially with Rhapsody's help. That is Rhapsody isn't it?

Chocolate Cat said...

Love the quilt but love all the great photos of your boy! Think my favorite is the ice cream!

Greenmare said...

great day at the park! that coloring table is awesome!!! and he is certainly a budding artist. love the red and cat quilt!!!!