Thursday, August 26, 2010

My favorite quilt from the show.

My favorite quilt from the show.
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For Months, I have been saying, I want to share that Penguin quilt. The close-ups that follow will show you why. The quilter must be a good fimo artist as well, because the penguis tourists are so perfect. & unlike the hankie quilt, I like how the quilts are incorporated into this quilt - framed... (Or Sorry, you probably have not seen the hankie quilt yet.)

The applique & embellishments fimo or otherwise are why I really liked this quilt.

(Now I really want to do my Aussie vacation quilt. - How long has that one been "on hold?")


Rhonda said...

What a great idea.

Kay said...

Are you saying those penguins are made with FIMO? I can't tell from the photo.

The New York Beauties are wonderful too.