Monday, July 19, 2010

I know...

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this much be mind-numbing & bordering on "mommyblogging" but...

Meanwhile at the ranch, I pieced 6 "wonky" log cabins & pieced them into a top this past weekend. & When we were at the LQS for sew-n-tell (my mini-group) I got the fabric for the border & binding. I did not have anything that was big enough - or right enough in my stash for the border & my binding from the stash did not work with and of hte border choices at the store. Mean while, the backing fabric - straight from stash.

So why are you watching a sure cute video? Because the photo of the quilt top is in my camera.

& No, we don't always eat in the nude, just when the lid on the sippy cup falls off & drenches the baby. Yes, it is always something!


Rian said...

Jacob just gets cuter every day!

dee said...

I just love seeing him grow cuter by the day.
Did you say something about quilting..I was too busy watching the sweetness.