Monday, July 19, 2010

He knows where they are

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That corner in the foreground is the back corner of our condo. & you can sort of see the grade on the side... To accomodate the trash room & to give us a bedroom that is above ground, we have to go up some stairs to enter through the front & yet the sliding glass door in the back is almost flush with the patio.

That is the long way to say wether we leave through the front or back (in this case) he goes straight for the horses. Even when we are leaving to go to the car...

I had taken him out to get a pretty picture in his nice clothes... He would not stand still.


Rian said...

He looks like a little golfer in that getup. Get that boy some golf clubs, for cryin out loud!

Mama Koch said...

Little people NEVER stand still.