Wednesday, June 23, 2010


At 8:09, I have officially already had a horrible morning.
Now if I had checked my e-mail before I left the house I would have seen this Alert...

I270 is closed in both directions at Rt 124 (Exit 11) because of downed power lines. It is expected to be closed for the next several hours.

Yes, that is the highway that I take to get to work & yes, that is my exit. While I found out right before the point of no return, I did not find out in time to make the most expeditious choice... I got to work 45 minutes late. I guess it could have been worse - no one was injured, it wasn't stinking hot yet, etc. But still...

The copier/scanner/fax in my office is "broken."

& all of those lovely cranky baby/cat hairballs/cooking dinner in a crock-pot issues just piled onto the misery pile.

So I am going to go back in the way back machine & post some quilt show photos today. (1 by 1 in flickr.) So check back - often.


Susan said...

Bummer! Really makes me appreciate my commute - sorry :)

Hope the rest of your day goes better!

QuiltingFitzy said...

Thanks for the quilt photos, they are awesome!

107* Wed, and 109 expected today. It's hard to dress for work-when all I want to be wearing is my WET bathing suit!