Monday, May 10, 2010

My son

My son
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My son, yes this one in addition to loving books - loves LOX! We had lox bagels last night for dinner (Hey that is no different from having any other breakfast for dinner - a notion I support wholly without reservation.) & made scrambled eggs for Jacob - assuming that he would not want lox. I am not sure who gave him the first bite, but that was not his last bite. Especially not after he started to use his new word - mo (not to be confused with moe - it is actually almost mor - we don't quite have the ore yet...)


Jackie said...

Isn't it funny, you just never know what kids will decide they like for food?

Rian said...

Too cute. Where my granddaughter goes to daycare, they taught them to sign because they know what they want but don't have language yet. So when she wants "more," she points to the palm of her hand. It's so cute.

Rhonda said...

Babies are so cute when they start communicating with us.....You have to get him on video saying "mo"....I have Ayden saying bye, bye and even waving the correct way....She says mama to her daddy and dada to her's so funny.
Have a great week!

julieQ said...

I am really happy he loves books...good job, Mom!! As far as the lox, he may have my share too, LOL!

dee said...

That boy's got good taste.