Tuesday, May 11, 2010


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Did I tell you about my weekend? I went to Latvia! (& Romania while my husband went to Cyprus.)

On Saturday the EU Embassys had an open house. We got tuckered out & in general are not line people, so we did not go north enough to visit the GB Embassy which is quite odd since I am an anglophile of sorts & when we headed home on the subway & saw the swag on the guys who did go to that embassy - jealousy is the only explanation... The line to the Greek embassy was impossibly long - I have no idea what they were giving away & with their current crisis I hope it wasn't that "nice." If you know what I mean. Also they are fairly close to the subway, so that might have factored into the line as well. (Ireland - across the street from Greece also had a long line.) I went to Romania - no line & Latvia - short line. My husband waited in a line to go to Cyprus - I sat on the side with Jacob.

Anyway after visiting a couple embassys we got back on the subway & went to Virginia - for 1 of 2 reasons to do so. To get Champagne truffles at Godiva (They can not sell them in MD or DC because of the liquor laws.) for Mother's day.

etc., etc., walk to see the baby geese, hair cut, etc.

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