Monday, May 03, 2010

An Inch worm

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1. I did not go to the show that I was thinking about going to on Friday.
(Last minute training at work kept me later than anticipated, etc. for excuses.)
2. This one is from the show that I went to the weeked prior.
In addition to all of those buttons & ric rac, the quilter added a measuring tape - hence the name Inch Worm (or something to that effect - I over heard her talking about it...)
3. My baby may be allergic to the sunblock that we used on Saturday - argh. Not something you want to think about when you have a fair skinned child. (Or mother who forgot to apply sunblock to herself & got a little burnt as a consequence...)
4. How do you get your baby/toddler/child to drink water? We have been watering down his apple juice, but he knows how the juice tastes; therefore, he refuses water...


dee said...

how about some ice pops? One of the baby food companies makes them & they are probably mostly water. Or get some molds and make your own.

QuiltingFitzy said...

Maybe don't try to water down so drastically. This week, EVERY cup is one tablespoon diluted, next week, two tablespoons. This could be done when you sneak over to "rinse his cup..and leave the water in the cup"!

I'd suggest to never give him full strength going forward..while you still have the chance to make some of his decisions.

Rhonda said...

Have you tried a tablespoon of Karol Syrup with a drop of food coloring in the water??? That's what my mom did for my brother in the might work now. I'm just sayin'