Wednesday, April 14, 2010

update on the crock pot meal & more mind lint

So on Monday I cooked a roast in the crock pot with full intentions on eating it 3 days in a row. (Lazy? Maybe.) The outcome - it was o.k. (I have to remind myself that I am not a big fan of crock pot meat. I keep forgetting.)
So last night I was "planning" on serving it with frozen green beans & quinoa. We has spaghetti & marinara instead? Why? Because I am LAZY - we had the meat all cooked & I decided to boil water for pasta & heat up some jarred sauce instead of cooking the quinoa, heating the beef & nuking the beans.

Well as a redeaming factor, I did chop my carrots for meal 3 - the shredded bits of the beef & the onions served with boiled carrots & egg noodles. (If I can only get those carrots cooked tonight without running out of water - that happened the last time I tried to boil carrots - not pretty.) I am kind of in the mood for boiled potatoes too - maybe my menu is evolving... (Too bad I finally learned how to boil an egg - growing up we threw them in with the potatoes - or I would cook some of them as well - nice snack to have at the ready.)

No, I am not even hungry. (But I think that I prefer Pepsi One to Pepsi Max - please remind me the next time I am in the store.)


Lesly said...

I can beat your lazy - our oven went on the fritz after our burning-down-the house-2-hours-before-the-seder shindig, and we STILL haven't called the service guy. Since our daughter is in Poland on the March of the Living, we are living the high life on take-out and stovetop-only.

Rian said...

Amy, are you browning your meat before you put it in the crock pot or just putting it in raw? That will make a huge difference in the finished product. You can do it in the oven too. Brown the meat, that is.