Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Teaching him how to use a spoon.

Teaching him how to use a spoon.
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Holiday project that I failed on.... I forgot to open the spoon package until late & we probably should have been loading up the spoon for a while now. He figures that even with pudding he can get it to his mouth more quickly with his fingers.

I was also going to work seriously with the whole drinking water thing...


Miri said...

He's so adorable! Good luck with the whole spoon thing-remember to duck!

Hope you had a great holiday!

Andi said...

Ha, we're still asking Kendra to use a spoon/fork at three-and-a-half!!

Rhonda said...

Oh Amy, he is so precious.....babies so funny when learning new things.....has he gotten food in his hair yet....LOL

dee said...

Gad, that face is so darling. I've just caught up with the last few pictures you posted. Love the Beatles T.
The spoon stage is very funny in retrospect.