Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More on the Tumbler

1. THANKS to all who took the time to reply.
2. Why can't you make it smaller?
I am using an acrylic template - the kind where you plop it down & cut around it. I was only starting out with 12.5 inch squares to minimize the waste. Hardee Har Har!
3. Will you be happy with just squares after you started out wanting tumblers?
Well, what I wanted in addition to a tumbler quilt was a dark quilt. I actually wanted dark first. So much so that I sorted dark, dark medium, medium, & then light. (With a few fat 8th exceptions & duplicate fat quarters) I then pulled 49 darks, dark mediums, & mediums.

So last night I decided to pull the rest of the mediums & see if I had enough & if I would still get the look that I was after. I had enough (If anyone really had to wonder.) BUT (Yes, there is always a "but.") it was not very dark. So I took a look a the error cuts - those were mostly dark... Whereas the ones that I cut correctly were dark medium mostly...
Take a look to see what I mean:
I cut these 1/2 an inch too short... These are the ones that I cut too short. (I know some of them look really light - but they are plaids & the other part of the plaid is darker...) Do you see the woven stars? & the blue next to it? I really wanted them in the quilt. More to the point the pieces to the right of the stars - gee those are DARK...
DSC09723 The three columns on the left are cut correctly. The two on the right are the mediums from my stash. See what I mean about some of them being dark, but mostly dark medium? (Especially the reds, greens, & that purple. & Just about the whole row on the far left.)
DSC09725 The mediums from my stash all by themselves.

Since I wanted a dark quilt & I messed up in cutting the darks, I am going to go with the squares quilt - only I will add in my mediums as well & make a 7x9 quilt. I will be happy with the result - if not over the moon.

4. Can you mix small & large tumblers?
NO - "I" can not - maybe you can or maybe it can be done, that is beyond my skill set.
5. Can you redraft the template, reducing it to about 96% would work?
Again - beyond my skill set...

At least I won't waste a lot when I trim the larger squares down...
(For 1/2 a minute, I thought about making this into a pieced back - aka 2 sided quilt... Not at $17.50 on average per yard - more like $5 per fat quarter...)

It will feel great to have a quilt made out of this special part of my stash... (I have 3 other quilt planned for these wovens & the complimentary cottons. Snowball, Card Tricks & Double X. & Now that I have cut into these, it should be easier to cut into the rest...)


Teresa said...

I would have responded to your question, but I simply had no ideas to share. Your fabrics look great and I think it will make a nice warm quilt, whatever you decide.

Kathie said...

i think you could also add to the ones you cut short and then cut out the right size
sort of would look like some of the tumblers have bases :)
that would give you what you really wanted
just a suggestion

Rhonda said...

You are too funny......fabrics can be confusing sometimes but I go with what I like and it doesn't matter if it's light, medium or dark...but that's just me....did that help....probably not...LOL

*karendianne. said...

I love what you have going on here and I just don't think you can go wrong - no matter what! I'd love it for sure.