Friday, April 30, 2010

just one

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Just one quilt from the local quilt show that we attended last weekend. This is the town that swallowed up my village. Which poses some interesting complications on occasion. (Well living in my condominium within the village poses some complications on its own as well.) The Village has several pools, we can only use the one that our Condo maintains - even though part of our condo fee goes to the village association... (Etc.) (We basically don't get anything for the fees that the condo pays to the association.)

Anyway I posted this because I am still debating wether or not I will go to another local show today after work. You see the last time I went, I did not take a single photo (harsh way to judge, but I am a visual person.) - though in the past I had taken several. Also I would need to bring Jacob & they do not allow strollers. (I kind if think that letting a 17 month old baby run amok would be one way to show them the folly of their rule - it's not like they banned wheel chairs.)

What would you do? Quick answers appreciated since I need to let my husband know. :o)


Lesly said...

I say go - why not? Enjoy yourself until Jacob loses patience with you.

Rhonda said...

Go for it...with the stroller...if anyone says "no strollers"...take Jacob out...they'll soon learn a lesson!

Kay said...

I probably missed the deadlne to be useful, but I say, don't go. If it's not interesting anyway, why hassle. They lose money if you don't go, so you're making a statement where it counts :)

Michele said...

Are you talking about the Faithful Circle show in Columbia? I went on Thursday and kind of understand the "no strollers" rule. The quilts (and vendors, and etc.) are scattered around the church. The halls are narrow, and although I suppose there are elevators somewhere, I never saw them. A couple of sets of stairs, though.

There were a bunch of really nice applique quilts, and apparently there's one person in the guild who does most of the longarm quilting

Michele said...

EEK - it posted before I was done.

Anyway, the person who does the longarming does very nice work, if you like the longarmed look.

Some really stunning art quilts as well, one woman does portrait quilts that are...interesting.

Oh, and one of the vendors has an amazing batik selection, things I haven't seen around here. And it wasn't the batik lady, but a couple of African-American women, and I don't have the name of the shop handy.

cindyquiltsOR said...

I say: go, take Jacob and the stroller.

And if anyone complains: he is not able to walk that far/that long/ blah, blah, blah.

Would they kick out a mobility impaired person?! Cuz traveling with a small child always impaired my travel!

Anonymous said...

so Good^^!!......................................................................

Mama Koch said...

I've been to all kinds of places where you have to step over strollers and motorized's just a part of life. I'd say go with the stroller and if they complain, then let them watch it for you at the front door and then leave when Jacob gets tired.