Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Get ready for some mind lint.

Please indulge me with one more post on the Taupe Tumbler mistake.
If the blocks are cut 12 inches, you calculate using 11.5 when figuring out the final size after sewing. Right? (My quilt math sucks.)
As it stands now I will either do 7 x 7 or 80.5 inches square. (queen size mattress - 60 x 80/ queen batt - 90 - 108)
But I was considering 7 x 9 (I have no idea why I skipped over 7 x 8.) or 80.5 x 103.5. Which left me thinking is 80.5 to narrow? (7 x 9 = 63 squares - this math is also running through my head.)
What about 8 x 8 (I like square quilts.) or 92 inches square. (64 squares) Now that I have typed all of this out, that would push me out of a queen sized batt. So 80.5 must be "wide enough."

Is 103.5 too long? Would 80.5 x 92 be "better?" Should I stick with the "original" 7 x 9 - because I have already pulled the fabrics? No, my long armer will need more than 4.5 inches...

Welcome to my brain! - Now I need to cull 7 fabrics & sew up a 7 x 8 quilt! (After I cut & trim every thing down to 12 inches square. I'll be back if I screw up that plan too.)


Rian said...

I don't know if this will answer your question, but I have an 80x80 quilt and it is a little too small for a queen bed. The width is fine, but it just doesn't work for the length. So I am going to suggest you make 7x8 or 7x9. 92" works, but if you have the extra length, it can tuck around the pillows. So either will be okay.

Cathi said...

I just checked in a couple of spots and it appears that the "standard" queen-sized quilt is between 88 to 99 inches wide and 94 to 108 inches long. I don't know if that helps or not!