Monday, April 12, 2010

Dinner (for the week?)

This is for dinner. It is in my crock-pot cooking (actually it finished cooking almost 2 hours ago) as I type. So I have not tasted it, but it sounded good. (I am not doing the corn bread.)
I will NEVER be able to make it for $5, not even with free onions, garlic, & vinegar. You see, Kosher meat is in a work expensive. & paid $7.99 per pound & though that that was a good deal. Thank you Trader Joes, not only are you convenient, but fairly priced as well. :o)

I am hoping to get several meals (Maybe not a weeks worth) out of my chuck roast.


Suzan said...

That looks GOOOOOD! I had no idea kosher beef would be that much more expensive but I suppose since everything has to be supervised, just the extra manpower makes it cost prohibitive.

Rian said...

It does look good. My onion quota is way over the top after that onion tart, but it won't be long before I'm able to look at an onion again.

Ahava Jora said...

I love TJ's! Their kosher meat is considerably less expensive than the few grocery stores that carry it in Seattle.

This flavor combination sounds terrific. I usually roast my brisket in a dutch oven, but I might have to make a balsamic-onion reduction for it next time.

Kay said...

This sounds very good! I bookmarked it to try.

paula, the quilter said...

That DID look good, but I'm afraid those onions would strike me down. I'd have to use Pepto as a side dish.