Friday, April 16, 2010

Can you sleep your way out of your PJ's? Yes.

Can you sleep your way out of your PJ's? Yes.
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This photo highlights my morning.
(These are 2T & a bit big, but they were under $3 & he will grow into them.)
Baby/Toddler sizes. Grumble.
(Caveat - some things purchased at the outlet, so the sizing could be why they where there in the first place.)
The Hiking beatles fan shorts - size 12 (He is 16.5 months & I almost donated them when sorting through his clothes.)
This morning we put on size 18 month shorts. He rolled over & there was a huge gap. So I rolled him back over, I did not even have to un button them to get them off. So I grabbed a size 24 month pair of shorts. They fit which is great for today, but will they last the summer? Good question.


Rhonda said...

Amy, I laughing right now about Jacob's is so hard to find something that will last for more than a couple of of Ayden's sundresses turned into a T-shirt within a month....her mommy was very unhappy about that because the dress was so cute but the now "T" rode up over Ayden's fat little belly....heheheheehe

*karendianne. said...

Oh how fun(ny). Gosh they grow. Oh how they grow. I guess you're right, it could be the sizing on the label (that's what you mean, yes?) but still we know he's GGGROWING!

I love this sleepy baby photo.

Stevens Family said...

How cute and funny.
The problem I've had with my kids clothes being too big is the collar. My son sticks his arms up through the neck hole somehow and wakes up screaming and stuck...ha ha ha - kids clothes are so frustrating

hetty said...

Jacob is so cute! Someone once made a comment that my kids' clothes were always too big or too small. I did always buy things at least one size too big, but they grew so fast that they were always outgrowing them.

AnnieO said...

Having gone through baby/toddler size trials with my three kids, I can affirm that there are two sizes of clothing: Too big and too small.

The biggest wonder to me was why they made 18 month pants with legs about a foot longer than 12 month size? Toddler legs are rarely long!

Good thing summer means shorts :)

My son is now close to 6'4" but his clothing is his own problem as he is 24!

Anonymous said...

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Libby said...


Ruth's Place said...

We bought 2T pyjamas for my little one while we were in the US, and she's a good bit older than Jacob.

Kid's sizing makes no sense.

GW said...

It doesn't get any better! My son is almost 7 and his favorite pair of gym shorts are size 4 - he can get away with smaller shorts, but with pants - I have to make them because he is a 4 waist, 6 crotch rise and 8 in length. I try not to go by the tag size. I usually buy a size that looks a bit big and try to shrink in a hot wash! I see you are getting spam comments from that Chinese entity too - grrr. Anyway - he is getting big and is as cute as ever! Cheers! Evelyn