Tuesday, April 20, 2010

1 quilt 2 shows

This quilt won a "big" ribbon at Mid-Atlantic & nothing at Lancaster. Somewhere in that sentence is my explanation for going to several "big" quilt shows a year. (Hershey is still around the corner.)
DSC09752 More than anything, I like what this quilt is saying (at least to me) about how connected some people are to their technology & how disconnected tehy are from their surroundings. The assumption that I made is that they are in Italy - but she has hr nose in a mirror & he is looking at the photos that he took earlier - with his iPhone on the table ready to summon him away from Italy...
For the record, in general while I love pictoral quilts I am not a fan of the painting on fabric or the folded 3-D aspects of this quilt. So this one completly captured me by its message - not as a quilt...

What is your take? How do you feel about this paiting on fabric/quilt? Why do you think it won a blue ribbon at one show & nothing at another?


Vicki W said...

I vividly remember this Esterita Austin quilt from Mid-Atlantic. I was really struck by the message of the quilt. As for why it wins in one and not another, I think it's all about the bias of the judging committee. I don't mean bias in a negative way at all. If we didn't have different judges with different POVs then we would all make the exact same kinds of quilts for shows. Then you wouldn't go to all of the shows and share so many photos with us and that would be bad!

sophie said...

I think it also could be a matter of different categories and competition from other quilts in the category at the two shows.

And some shows are definitely more traditional than others and an art quilt like this probably wouldn't fair as well at a show with a traditional heritage.

I think it's interesting that the arts chose to use folded fabric rather than interpret some of the folds and shadows with paint. I wonder why she made that design decision?

Teresa said...

Great pictures - thanks for sharing. I remember the quilt at the Mid Atlantic as well.

julieQ said...

I have seen this quilt...I liked it technically, but think it has a sad statement about human interaction! Definitely an art quilt.

The Calico Quilter said...

I guess I'm not an art quilt sort of a person. I can appreciate and applaud the technical aspects of this quilt but would never want to make something like it.

Cathi said...

I think it's a stunning statement and really admire the artistry of the person who made it. That said, it's not something I can ever imagine attempting.
Different judges have different slants on quilts. Perhaps one panel of judges was made up of those who prefer more traditional quilts over the art quilts.
I keep going back to stare at it. It is absolutely amazing.

Quiltluver said...

It's a beautiful quilt with a lot of interesting detail. I can see why it won an award.