Wednesday, March 10, 2010

quilt show

(I need to decompress - I've got a hurry up then wait job & I now get to wait after hurrying for a few days.)
So I have time to put several flickr photos together, instead of quickly choosing one - so that I can take a quick break to read some comments. (Thanks guys.)
So I will get my favorite subject/theme out of the way. Cats. With a caveat that one of the special exhibitors has made several cat quilts - those will not be a part of this post. (You've seen 90-95% of them on here anyway if you have been hanging out long enough.)
DSC09861 I know I've said that I don't particularly care for "painting" on quilts - this is a cat that was done well - so I am wavering...
DSC09817 I have the pattern (without the mariners compass) for this.
DSC09818 So I was especially happy to see the ears done in ultrasuede.
Choosing medium instead of small photos cuts off part of the photo - better pictures can be see by clicking on the photo.


Quiltluver said...

Ok,ya left me with a smile on my face. Love em!!

Rhonda said...

I am not really a cat lover but I do appreciate their quiet way until the clock strikes 5 PM....if you know what I mean....LOL.....thanks for sharing those inspiring quilts.

julieQ said...

The cat theme must have been so much fun to experience.

Kay said...

These are pretty impressive. I like the Hoffman challenge ones, particularly the one with the paisley making bird feathers.

Melinda said...

Thanks for the quilt show. Love the cat quilts.

Sharon said...

I have three rescue cats and was never a cat person (read collie dogs) until then. Now I'm cats all over. Love the quilts. I too have the snail trail pattern sans the compass. Thanks for sharing. Your on my friends list now.