Friday, March 26, 2010


I was going to save that last one for next week. (I blog from flickr on my MAC, since I am at my PC, I can/will blog a couple more now.)
DSC09788 (The fringe appears to have been made using a serger.)
DSC09789 Love the idea - if not the execution (Not that I could do better mind you... I can just "see" it better.)
DSC09768 Some of the flowers are 3-D.
DSC09765 I wish that my close-up had turned out sharper... I really liked the deceptive simplicity that the squares as flowers gave to this piece & just enough beading.
DSC09762 Since that cat quilt yesterday was my favorite, this one has to be my second favorite.
DSC09763 Love how the water line & bubbles were depicted!
DSC09733 This quilt made me look at plaid in a whole new light!
(& I really liked the quilting on this one too.)
quilt show tour guide Brought to you by your quilt show tour guide.
(I hope to upload the rest of the photos tonight or tomorrow.)


Rian said...

Wonderful stuff Jacob, thanks! I love the one of the trees...I'd be scared to death to write on my quilt--I'd misspell something or goof up a letter for sure.

hetty said...

Great tour, Jacob! You do your mommy proud. I loved all of the quilts. And I really loved that horse one from the last post!

Deb H said...

Aaawww, I love the quilts & the guide is the BEST!

Rhonda said...

Thank you very much, Jacob, for that lovely tour. Can't wait for your next uploads....hehehehe

dee said...

the trees are my favorite. Best lookin' tour guide ever!