Saturday, March 13, 2010

As promised - some more quilt show photos

These two quilts were done by one of my favorite quilters: Cathy Wiggins. You can see the first quilt hers that I absolutely fell in love with here. (Back in February 2007 - you can see several of Ann Fahl's cat quilts too.) You can see two more of Cathy's quilts here.
She has two in this years show as well & since they are all about the details, I have several photos of each.
DSC09852 J is for Jar, A is for Apple, O is for Orange
DSC09851 C is for Cat
DSC09849 X is for Xylophone, Z is for Zebra, K is for Kite, & B is for Baseball Bat & glove.
DSC09848 (There was an Umbrella & Violin pictured for two of the harder letters.)
& the label
one or two more posts to come.

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Rhonda said...

There are alot of details on this's amazing....I can see why you like this artist!