Thursday, February 04, 2010

Snow day recap

Early in the morning. Wake up & see this. :o) (Coupled with the beginnings of a head cold sinus thingy = snow day.) Started some laundry.
Send Daddy to work & Jacob to day care (bad Mommy, I know, but @ $350 a week he deserves to play.)
Decide to SEW!
New Message properly supervised of course.
Working... On this.
An improvisationally (even if the improvisation is minimal) pieced project designed to use smidgens of my much treasured Heather Ross prints. The idea is 100% based on this set of quilts by Ashley at Film in the Fridge. (I asked & got her permission to blog lift that idea - she only asked for credit & here it is.) More on this quilt later...
Moved some laundry around. Set up my cutting/pressing area.
DSC09479 Captured an icicle.
Ran to the store to get a new snow shovel. Our Condo takes care of the walks, stairs & road, but you are on your own when it comes to digging out your car & we broke our shovel 2 or 3 snows ago. They are forcasting in excess of a foot of new snow on Friday/Saturday.
DSC09484 Caught a couple of napping kitties. RB had been there for over an hour when I left for the store. He only moved when I added some more laundry to Mt. Clothesmore.
DSC09485 Started a pot of Alton Brown's Curried Pea Soup (I substituted olive oil for the butter & I don't measure mush so I probably had more onions... I did measure the curry powder because I am apparently light handed...) & it was a HIT! (I am so proud of myself for not adding celery & garam masala - I always want to tweak.)
DSC09486 I then cut & cut & cut. First I cut U & Y prints as part of a swap, then J, A, C, O, & B prints for the Jacob I SPY quilt, then I decided to do a cat themed ABC quilt, so I cut for that as well. & Because I was cutting, I cut for my mini group's I SPY swap too. (I also cut for a charity I SPY - I want to make 6 charity quilts this year.)
I then went out to pick-up the baby from day care - my iciclyes had all melted by this time...
DSC09488 He loved the soup too!
How does a baby eat soup?
a. with gusto.
b. very carefully.
c. very messily.
d. on whole wheat toast cubes.
e. all of the above.

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Cathi said...

The picture of the supervising cat is priceless! And, of course, the two of them curled up together -- perfect idea for a snow day!