Thursday, January 14, 2010


as in X-ray
What's in Common? (Please notice the Rx pad too...)
as in 3 x 2 = 6
What's in Common?
as in xylophone
What's in Common? (I can't say that without out thinking about the They Might Be Giants song "Alphabet of Nations.")
as in the international sign of a kiss when paired with O (the international symbol of a hug) - XOX
What's in Common?
as in "What does a cat have to do with the letter X?"
What's in Common?
(I thought of the post after the photo shoot, so my "as in" theme has run out of punch.)
What's in Common? That tic-tac-toe game is my FAVORITE "X" print right ahead of those cats.
My final photo:
What's in Common?

Meanwhile, I have some of those prints in other colors & generic alphabet toss prints that I did not photograph & after my photo session, I found a charm of Taxi fabric where it spells out taXi & I found a lady doing cross stitch - we all abreviate that as X-stitch & you can see the X's :o) & Rhonda suggested "eXtra eXtra read all about it." Which made me think about my newpaper fabric - low & behold there is an article written by Cornish ReX, so that will be added to the mix too. & A couple people mentioned 6 - I have some numeral 6 pieces that may or may not make the cut - I'd rather those have siX written out since the letter X is not the first letter...

Happy HAPPY happy!
(Thanks to those of you who are contributing to my madness!)


Rian said...

What a cute idea for a quilt and I am over the moon with the X-ray! What a hoot!

Rhonda said...

You've got a great collection going!!!

Judy H. said...

What about roman numerals? I bet you could find some clock faces with X, XI, and XII!