Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why can't I leave well enough alone?

Emphasis on "Why?" - (I think.)

So form last week, you know about my want of all things "X." (& I cut some X's out of my stash on Sunday during my sew-n-tell group meeting - yay me.)

But that got me to a more primal quilt - the JACOB quilt. (It will just be Jacob, not Jacob Henry as I considered for a while.)

So last night while I could have just been cutting/trimming "X's" I started to pull J's, A's, C's, O's, & B's.

O is an ornery letter...

But my brain is attacking this differently as well. My stack right now is HUGE - there are a lot of A, B, & C words - & I avoided "cat" for cat sake. Still I have cats with jewelery, apples, curtains, ottomans, & bread! (As a start.) (But I am thinking that I don't necessarilly want just the letter - differentiate it a bit.)

Oh well, I am using what I have & haveing fun.

(All donations of J, A, C, O, B & X words are being greatfully accepted. Especially J & O. Does anyone have a print of a "Jack in the box", a Juggler, Joker from a card deck, Jupiter - the planet, the kind of orange that you eat, oval, or octagon... Right now I am thinking 5 inch squares, but I may try to do an any size - trimming right down to the "B is for belt." I guess it depends on the sizes of the Alphabet panel pieces.)

Crazy Novelty Print Quilter
Mommy quilter with a crazy idea

Feel free to shout out for any letters that you may be searching for. I've got "C" covered!


shannon said...

i've been collecting noveties for about 9 years now....i make alphabet quilts for babies...i'll go through and see what i have...

i know i have some Xs....i have a nice alexander henry jackolanterns...i have olives, owls, and orchastra fabric (i think)

shoot me an email, i'll send pictures
half_square @ hotmail.com

The Calico Quilter said...

Oranges coming up! I knew I had a small piece left. It's 6" x 8". I'll put it in an envelope today. Hope you can use it. (Also hope I can find your address!)

Rhonda said...

I think we all do too much thinking sometimes!!!! You're in good company....LOL

Not Lucy said...

I don't have a joker but I do have a jack from a card deck. It also has an Ace and if you spelled Jacob with a K like we did for our son (Jakob- after his great-great-grandfather) then I would have the King too!

I also have ants, crabs, berries, ostrich, carrots, buts, and probably some others.