Saturday, January 23, 2010

At Daddy's Office.

At Daddy's Office.
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We are a one car family. Most of the time, my husband takes the subway (metro) & bus. But last night he had to work late so we went into DC to pick him up. (After rush hour the metro & busses run less often so it makes commuting hard.) The little guy had fun walking around the furniture. (He also had fun ringing the bell which was put away by the time I took this photo.)

He had a far better day at day care yesterday. He used problem solving - a toy was blocking the oven door so that he could not slam it shut. He moved it out of the way and returned to slamming. :o)


Suzan said...

Told you - smart!!

sophie said...

At least he's not slamming around his playmates ;-)

Rhonda said...

He is amazing....Unfortunately Ayden is still greeting with a knock to ones know.