Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Picking fabric is hard work.

Picking fabric is hard work.
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Well you can see what Jacob & I did on Sunday! We pulled fabric for a scrappy back. (For that blue cat with scrappy browns quilt that I have planned.) I am working on the theory that maybe I can sew up the back first... a 10 x 10 layout (10 inch cut squares) should be a good size to start with... My husband should be happy that I am using what I have... (Yeah, I am not holding my breath either.)

Before I grabbed the camera, this little guy was picking up pieces of fabric. :o)

Yes Karen, that is a dog print - there are a few cats mixed in. & I saw that as a print (poster) in the vets office... Everyone of those dogs is very well behaved too. All sitting on cue - like no one knows a cat is hiding amongst them. It is a great print - realistic dog breeds & all.

And Someone else should be able to recognize that cats in the grass print. Paula sent that to me when I was half way to the looney bin collecting cat prints. I already had the bright cats in bright green grass, so I was super stoked to get the "same print in a different color!"

& Yes, I have moved one of my fabric storage shelves into my bedroom, so I can toss the fabric I pull onto my bed as I go. Which was also great fun for Jacob, especially when they landed on him!


hetty said...

What a cute little helper you have!

Mary said...

Must be nice to have a helper ... Chesty helps too, he sits in the middle of the piles of fabric as I'm pulling them off the shelf.

*karendianne. said...

Ha! You know I saw this started reading and thought there was something about dogs but I made a mental not to come back to it. Boy we know how mental I am! sheesh. I thought it was a great idea to start on the back first. Again, you prove your uber-coolness!!!

Yeah, all the realistic breeds... like none are bothered by the cats. hee!!!

I'll bet Jacob had a BLAST when the fabric landed on him. Next time for Video, Mom! :)