Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Office Party - can you help?

O.K., so I volunteered to be on the office holiday party planning board.
We want to relive parties of old where people liked the idea of pot luck & participation.
We are going to take what we get.
The big bosses are getting the big (aka expensive) stuff like ham & turkey, so the rest of us can get away with chips & dip or a cake. (But they are not signing up - I've started the strong arm tactic.)

So one of the party games that I am going to propose is "bingo" where there are questions & you find the people who have that answer. For example: Do you have 4 or more siblings? (In the past I played this at quilt guild & the questions were like: Have you made a Baltimore Album Quilt?) With the idea being that you can choose to run around asking the questions or you can just choose to answer them without really participating...

So I am asking all of you to help me gather for "simple office party acceptable yes/no" questions.
Or any other suitable games...


Stevens Family said...

What a fun party idea! I hate it when people don't sign up for food, it really ruins it! Tell people if they don't sign up there won't be any food!
A few questions off the top of my head (maybe I'll think of better ones later)
Has traveled outside the country
Can you roll your tongue? (or other such silly thing)
Do you play a musical instrument?
Collects something for a hobby
Are you doing this more along the lines of Find Someone Who... because I can think of plenty of those.
Good luck from one who lurks around your blog

Rhonda said...

This sounds like loads for fun....Here are a couple of questions.....(1) Have you ever jammed the stapler and blamed someone else? (2) Have you ever used tape to quick fix your hemline?
Hope those help.

Vicki W said...

Has a degree or certification not related to your work.

Has more than 100 pairs of shoes.

Has a famous relative.

Rian said...

You could play that game where everyone buys a gift of $20+, it should be something nice (wrapped). Someone draws a name out of a hat. The person whose name is drawn gets to pick a gift and open it. The next person whose name is drawn can either take that gift from the first person or choose a wrapped gift to open. As the thing progresses it gets riotously fun, especially if the gifts are good, because the owner doesn't want to part with it.

Good luck, have fun. People will sign up soon, most need a little time to think about it. If you offer a gift (bottle of wine is good) for the best dish, you will get better participation (and better food). See if the bosses will spring $25 for that.

*karendianne. said...

For me once it was "is into dogs!" We played this at the office and it was a blast!!!

Quiltluver said...

Sounds like fun. We do pot luck at our office every 2-3 months, and just about everyone brings something. At Christmas, the company usually springs for the expensive "stuff". Can't think of any questions for you, though. Karen

McIrish Annie said...

divide the list into appetizers/desserts/salads then send the list around. sometimes people need things broken down for them. then you can say please sign up for ONE, instead of please sign up!!

and questions, can you change the toner in the copier. better yet do you know where the toner cartridge is kept?? (we are having issues with the copier, that's why its on my mind)

oh and Happy belated Birthday to the Kitten!! 1 year how is that possible??!