Wednesday, December 02, 2009

kitties in a tree fabrics

kitties in a tree fabrics
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O.k., say you were going to abandon idea one - not really worth mentioning - but I probably first blogged about it in February 2007! (I did, but I am not going to link directly to is because there is some pretty cool quilty stuff back there. Go & look. Remeber that the Mid-Altantic quilt show is held in February. This link goes to February 2007 - all 28 posts.)

Idea two is to just make scrappy Half Square Triangles - cat print & scrappy browns. (I plan on using the draw a line down the center & sew on either side method - getting two for one out of my sewing.)

What size would you make the Half Square Triangles? The cats are small - they would probably fit under a quarter - for scale. The fabric is still wrapped on a standard bolt core - another scale reference.

& this is a rhetorical question - should I add some solid kona browns? YES! (how many?)

In general, I am going to lay this out like a barn raising log cabin - or straight furrows - or I will play more with the blocks once they are pieced... (I once read - probably in a Mary Ellen Hopkins book that Half Square Triangles are Log Cabin blocks when you are designing - or vice versa. Can anyone corroborate - or am I experiencing faulty memory again?) I would probably like to make at least 100 (10 x 10 setting) maybe 144 blocks so that the layout will have a chance to develop.

To answer my own darn question - 5 inches? Maybe I should look at the fabric again & see how big it would need to be to get kitties in both Half Square Triangles & if that looks funky tree wise. If you know what I mean...


*karendianne. said...

Well my friend, there is a lot of thinking here for me. And you know me, I don't like to do too much of that. I like to just dive in a make a test block and see what comes out! That's my vote.

*karendianne. said...

Wait, one more thing. (I'm just up from my nap so I need some slack...) The kitty fabric is to-die-for!

Exuberant Color said...

Well the first question is how big do you want the quilt to be, throw size, king size? If you are only doing 100 blocks and they finish at 5", that's only 50" x 50".

Kay said...

The finished block will be about an inch smaller (7/8") than the one you start with. So if you start with a 6 inch square you'll end up with a 5 inch triangle square. Should look good for showing kitties, but some will be on their heads; I bet the tree won't show, it will just look like lines.

You're right about the half square triangles and the log cabin. Should be fun to play with.

Anonymous said...

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