Thursday, December 10, 2009

Don't get me wrong

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I am in love with the 10 toes that are hiden by these socks. BUT Yesterday I got probably replaced a sock or two half a dozen times. My last thought:

Do I want to find a "sock on the foot" or a "foot in the sock?"

You see I took the day off & took my son out o fday care to visit my grandmother who is in a rehab unit after having surgery last week.

So in addition to his outfit & socks, I put him in a bunting. Socks stayed in the footies. Once he was out of the bunting & crawling, he managed to loosen the socks that then were easily pulled off. After lunch - where he crawled on the floor as I tried to gather all of our stuff & where he wore a good portion of his apple sauce, I changed his whole outfit including the socks. The legs on the second outfit were not as snug as the first, so the socks & momma never had a chance from there...

I was rather amazed to find the socks on his feet this morning when I went in to see him before departing to the salt mines...

Yes, I am a socks person. I wear socks 90% of the time year round. So My son gets to wear them too. I even bought him a pair of socks for Hanukkah - yes, I have turned into my mother. (Wait till you see them!)

What you never got socks as a gift? (Undies are far more embarassing - trust me.)

The photo was from a birthday party last Sunday. The birthday boy got the tent & some tunnels as a gift.


*karendianne. said...

Yeah for socks! Fun to read of Jacob and his outfittedness. :) I'm a socks girl for sure but one of the dogs is always stealing... then I'm out of luck. Sock monster. :<

Exuberant Color said...

I'm a sock person too. My kids were always squirming out of theirs too. I think for kids the nakedness is what they love the most. You give them a doll and the first thing they will do is take off its clothes and leave them off.

Lisa K. said...

Amy, try these socks. I found them at Target and they stay on! Fasten in the front for the smaller end of the range, and behind the ankle when they get bigger.

Also, I sometimes just stick Robeez (or faux-beez, heheh) on her feet and her toes seem toasty, even in Chicago, but we have a bundleme in her seat & stroller.

Rhonda said...

Too funny.....I don't know what it is with babies and socks....when Ayden has her socks on, she is constantly looking down at her feet with an expression of bewilderment of, "Where are my toes?" LOL She doesn't pull of the socks, just stares are her feet.