Monday, December 14, 2009


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This is during the do-si-do part of the chicken dance. From what I heard, he really liked the wing flap part... But alas the photos are what the photos are... Hey & I did not have to wing flap because I was holding the baby. :o) Who bytheway loves to dance in general!


Libby said...

The wing flapping is my favorite part, too *s*

hetty said...

I would have put Jacob down. Can't miss the wing flapping!

Linda said...

What a cutie! Your stories about his hide and seek socks and his dancing abilities tickles me. It's wonderful to watch the young ones during the holidays. Hope you've enjoyed every moment.

Rhonda said...

Babies are so cute and funny. Jacob looks like he could easily cut a rug, as they say...LOL...take care.