Wednesday, November 04, 2009

French General progress & WHAT THE HECK!

So you know that I got 5 charm packs & several yards - one of which was the solid "Roche" for my Stacked Coins quilt.

On Monday, you saw the in progress shot of my coin sewing. Here is another on my Dining Room chair (Is anyone still wondering why I like this line?)
Those are my columns of coins. What's next? Cutting the solid sashing, right? Right.
DSC08967.JPG Its a bit fuzzy, but you can see the brown "decoration" that is on purposely put about 1 inch from the selvage on an otherwise solid piece of yardage, right? WHAT THE HECK! (I saw some of this in my charms while sewing, but I thought that it was an error & I got a bad pack, oh well - Keep sewing.) The width of that brown "Decoration" (THAT no one mentioned, when advertising "SOLID" Roche) is about 1/4 of an inch, so I cut my selvage off right up to the dots. For the most part the brown "decoration" is in the seams. & Boy are they lucky that even with cutting more off of the selvage edge than anticipated I still had long enough strips with about 3/4 of an inch to spare.
O.K., so I went back to verify - they call it "Texture" not Solid. - YET Here is the description verbatim from the shop where I made my purchase:
Rouenneries by French General for Moda Fabrics
Inspired by vintage French textiles, Rouenneries is sophisticated and elegant! The color palette of faded reds, pearl and oyster offers the look of aged tapestry. This collection includes 36 pieces, and presents a wonderful array of large, medium and small scale florals along with coordinating solids. Surround yourself with the rich colors and prints straight from a beautiful French chateau! We also have the woven and silky companinion fabrics for this collection along with all the cut goods.
Never do they mention a Brown "Decoration" 1 inch in from the edges.
I eventually got the center portion sewn together:
DSC08970.JPG & I am pretty happy with the randomness.
Onward to getting a top pieced:
As of right now, I have three borders attached - I just need to press the one on the side & attach the last side.

Now to purchase a bit of faded red for the binding.

Any ideas on quilting?


*karendianne. said...

Well that's just real nice! What the heck with that brown business? I'm not pleased to hear this at all!!!

The best idea for Quilting is what I have in mind. You'll need to ship it to my address, which you already have handy. I'll divulge the details once the top arrives. You can trusssst me.

Kay said...

I've noticed this in some other fabrics. Debbie Mumm used to be bad; I haven't bought any recently. It's very annoying, and actually a deceptive way to cut cost.

Carin said...

Despite the fabric issues it is turning out wonderful!

Cathi said...

I've never seen that before on fabrics -- but that brown stuff would have me annoyed enough to write to the manufacturer for sure.
The quilt is gorgeous! I love those prints!!

Rhonda said...

I'm laughing at Karendianne's response about sending the quilt top to her.....hehehehehehehehehe...I have a feeling that something's not right there.....LOL.... You did a great job with the for quilting....I thinking of quilting in each rectangle a half inch in. It's alot of quilting but I think it will make the quilt look 3-D.

Rian said...

That is smashing. Absolutely stunning. For quilting, I am thinking an allover curvy pattern, or maybe vines growing up the strips. Try Deb Geyer. She's got quite the eye.

GRACE said...

luscious colors, amy; i LOVE them...not sure what I would do with them except fondle and drool...LOL

The Calico Quilter said...

Rian and I had the same idea - a lush vine with tendrils climbing up each row of colors.

cindyquiltsOR said...

I like the vine idea for the longer solid sections, and the outline for each of the "brick" pieces.

Just to be different, you know!

Beautiful top.

Michael5000 said...

It looks sharp! And, it's one of those nice simple patterns that will look good with any kind of quilting pattern. So, you could go for speed and do something simple, or challenge your skillz and do something tricky...