Monday, November 09, 2009

Any one want to go for a walk.

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Did anyone miss me? This past weekend was my first days not blogging since September.

On Saturday, we went to Baltimore to see my grandparents & father who was in town from Texas. By the time we got home, I had the worst headache, so I missed blogging. On Sunday, when I realized it, I decided that I could/would go back to being fairly dark on weekends & holidays.

On Sunday, we ordered Jacob's first birthday cake - it really must be happening...

On Friday, he had his longest stand without holding anything. :o)

To keep this a quilty blog, I pieced my back & hopefully it will be in the mail to the longarmer today. It was funny, because while i was piecing, Jacob pulled himself up onto my sewing (TV TRAY) table & was peeking at me through the arm of the sewing machine while I peeked back at him. When he got around the table I scooped him up & put him on my lap. He wanted to push the puttons (Good thing my Pfaff has a locking mechanism!) because he is such a good helper. then I put him in the chair behind me giving me just enough time to finish the seam!


hetty said...

OMG! Look at that cutie all wrapped up in a cat quilt! Was the weather as nice where you are as it was here? It sounds like your uninterrupted sewing days are almost over!

Mama Koch said...

He's already a year old? WOW!

Gail said...

He's more beautiful with every photo, and a year old, already????

dee said...

Walk that sweety right up here and I'll entertain him for you. He's so cute.