Friday, October 02, 2009

To continue my conversation from yesterday

No this is not a food blog but... (There really always is a but.)
I am a plain cook even though I don't necessarily cook the same things over & over. And while I "can" cook "fancy" I prefer simple.
I eat way differently that I cook - If you make parsleyed potatoes, I'll eat them. However If I am cooking the potatoes, they will be baked (& served plain) or boiled (& served plain). I gave it some thought last night, most of my vegetable sides are boiled, steamed or roasted/baked. On occasion I get a hankering for fried potatoes - hopefully the clean-up afterwards reminds me to not bother in the first part...

I also regularly bake fish & chicken plainly as well.

When I do go beyond, I like for the preparation to be simple & easy to clean. (I hate to admit it in public but I bake/cook on aluminum foil pans.)

I try to menu plan - do you? I am about 1/2 way successful. I plan way more than we eat...

For example - & I only recently caught on to this one.

If I buy a rotissery chicken (I Know I could bake a whole chicken, but I am lazy & someone has already done all of the work...) we can get 3 meals out if it easily. I used to think it was only 2 meals so I would think of something else for the other meal - over planning.

How do I spread out 1 chicken into 6 individual meals you ask?
The first meal is chicken leg quarter & wings with vegetable & starch.
meal 2 could be the same but the breast is split in half - or it could be a chicken sandwich with the breast still split in two.
Meal 3 might be my favorite -
chicken mushroom soup with rice.
chop up the remaining breast & pull off all of the rest of the meat from the carcass (I throw it away at this point, but I am aware of the fact that you can boil it to get a mildly chicken flavored water) cook some rice - or use leftovers (I got precooked rice in 2 serving sized bowls at Costso - happy!) buy a box of sliced mushrooms, buy a box of Imagine brand portobello mushroom soup.
If you want chop a small onion...
Saute the mushrooms & onions (I use a non-stick pot & since the mushrooms give off their own water, I usually don't even hit the pot with PAM). Add the soup, the rice & the chicken, heat till warm.
Thank me when you are finished.
(We sometimes even get 4 servings out of this one!) So that would be 8 individual meals out of 1 chicken. & I don't feel like, "Oh my gosh are we really eating chicken again."

I do something very similar for corn chowder - right down to the Imagine brand corn soup!
(I also like their sweet potato, & butternut squash soups.


Ruth's Place said...

We did the rotissere chicken this weekend and got 2 meals (5 serves - 2 half serves for the child who eats almost as much as us now) out of it. Night one was chicken and salad wrapped in roti and lunch the next day was chicken and a big salad.

Huge time saver.

Sweet P said...

My toughest part of meal planning is cooking for only two. So many recipes are for more than two servings. I've started collecting cookbooks and recipes for two.