Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Blogtober 17th

I almost let this one get away!

Anywho - not so many errands, but errands nonetheless. Who really cares?

I baked 3 coffee cakes, one for my sew-n-tell group! YAY. I have packed my fabrics that need cutting, so I will only have chatting & eating to get in the way of progress. (Jacob will be with his daddy - so that they can have some man time.)

Our dinner out last night went well - the secret - pack enough PUFFS!

In the crockpot for tonight... beef goulash. 

The weather - more of the same rainy & cool.

Hope this drivel finds you well. (I off to nibble on some coffee cake.)

(Yes, that means that my plan to bake the apple cake did not come to fruition - yet.)


*karendianne. said...

Ohh, love coffee cake. I hear that "mails well" - wanna test it out? hee! From MD to FL with Love, right? No? Hmm...

Sweet P said...

Beef Goulash sounds yummy. What are Puffs? Are they a baby snack food?