Thursday, October 08, 2009

On sitting

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The other day, I saw that from a crawl (rolling around on the floor) my sone can go into a sit! YEAH!

He can also sit from standing. Although last night while I was making videos, he would not sit. He just got frustrated. Maybe he forgot that just two days ago, he would put his hand on the ground first (like a 3 legged stool) and then sat down. On the otherhand, his squat tring to sit move is new & apparently rather unsuccessful. :o)

Meanwhile, he still loves that new toy. & in a later video, he is even playing with the stacking rings.

Kind of related, but not really. I recently got a new computer at work - the videos do not play nicely on this one at all! Its like they only buffer 3 or 4 seconds at a time... Which really "sucks" when I have to watch a work related videocast.

Yes, ladies & gentlemen, I am blogging about the baby so that noone notices the lack of quilty content on this little quilt blog.

I really hope to change that real soon - after we take a drive to Western Maryland to see the fall foliage on Saturday? (I doubt it, in the Evening on Saturday we will be celebrating Simhat Torah - "Rejoycing with the Torah" where we conclude the reading of Deuteronomy & start the reading of Genesis again.)


dee said...

Thanks for the daily Jacob pic. I love starting the day this way. You can always quilt but these special little moments are such fun.
Have a lovely weekend.

*karendianne. said...

I'm here to say there's been quite a lot of quilty content here on this blog. I happen to recall a load of productivity going on as a matter of fact. So there!

hetty said...

Love the video! That kid is just too cute!