Monday, October 26, 2009


1. I have been waiting to post this all day.
2. This can probably be filed under TMI or analyzing toe lint - specifically how to get toe lint out from between these tiny toes:
DSC08920.JPG (That was the first time that "I" saw him play with a ball. He had been caught playing with a ball before - no one told the Momma.)

Back to keys.

I carry 8 keys (only two of which are superfluous) 5 on the main ring & 3 on the other end of the lanyard. I knotted the middle so that the key chain would not be so long.

I did this because I got tired of leaving my office with my office keys in my hand trying to get into the car - only to have to dig into the black hole to find the car keys. & Vice Versa.

Now I have the house/car/office, etc. keys on one ring.

For the most part they are all dissimilar enough not to cause any confusion. The main office & main house key are both silver, but they are shaped differently & reside on opposite ends of my key chain.

My office has an electric pad as well, but I am not usually wearing that card, so I use the key.

Our restrooms have keys as well - The Executive Washroom if you will. In my office we each have our own key, mine is next to the office key. (Some of the other tenants have to share a key.)

So far this is a what is she blabbering on about post, right...

Let me know if I am the only one who at times has had to run to their front door key in hand so that they can take care of business. - Never happened to you, you are so lucky. If it has, I feel your pain & stay with me it gets better.

So there I am needing to use the loo, but wanting to finish "X" first. I grab my keys and run for the restrooms only to find myself bewildered at why the key is not working... I am trying to use my house key to get into the restroom at work. Funny enough. (Happened more than once - not funny.)

I gave up counting how many times I either have the office key at the ready at the lavatory door or the restroom key at the ready at my office door.

Its happened so many times that probably 3 or 4 months ago, I made a deal with myself that if I made it through a day (my day ends at 3) without a key mishap that I could treat myself to a slice of cheesecake.

It finally happened today. I was drinking my tea, reading a few e-mails & blogs. (& thought I have not had a key misshap yet.) Went across the hallway to chat with a colleague, used the necessaries as necessary through out the day. I never tried to use the house key at all. I also never tried to use the office key in the ladies room or the powder room key in my office door.

The worst part of this story is that for quite a few visits, I have been consciously thinking about which key I needed & still messed up regularly.

Seriously - tomorrow I may have to switch keys every time I leave my office - that is the awesomness of this statement.

My GF & I are getting together next month - for a girls day out, we may need to go out for Cheesecake - or crepes - those are good too.

Am I the only one who blunders with her keys? regularly?


hetty said...

I only have one key. Good thing I don't get confused, eh? Jacob is so cute with that ball!

Katie said...

I understood every word. Not sure that is good. I have painted different keys with different colored nail polish. Also hardware store has rubber things in different colors to put on head of the keys. I've even painted my cell phone slot and the recharger cord to match. If it can be mixed up or lost, I'll do it.

Goneaussiequilter said...

Oh my, if I had that many keys I am sure that I would have many mishaps. I have two keys that I share with my husband, car and house. We leave the car key on the drivers seat (always) and never lock the house unless we go overnight somewhere. I'd have to readjust my brain to get into key mode if I ever live in an urban area again!

dee said...

I have to go back and read again since I can't focus on anything but the cuteness of the Jacob.

One key for house-one for car-one for Food Pantry I run in local church. None look the same-thank goodness.

Jules said...

I am key impaired. I only have one work key, but most of the time I cannot make it work. Poor subs who ask me to let them into a classroom, I rarely can do it. I think they are learning, though, as I get that request less frequently every week.

cindyquiltsOR said...

I used one of the little plastic/rubber key cover thingys. My keys look too much like each other.

Jacob just keeps getting cuter!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Get some of those color-code rings that fit over the circle part of the key. Get yellow (pee) for the bathroom. Green (money) for work. Your favorite color for your house. Should solve your problem!