Thursday, October 22, 2009

I promise this is a quilty post

Have you heard of Margaret's Hope Chest? They are the current benefactors (Project 5) on Craft Hope. Two quilter's with "popular" blogs have donated patterns - Stitch in dye & Pink Chalk Studio. But they will accept any quilts & they will accept tops (with everything necessary to finish the quilt) and finish them for you. So I am donating 3 tops with all of the accoutrements.
The deadline to participate is looming so check it out & get cracking if this is the way you like to contribute.
You all know that quilters are very generous - in that vein, I must thank Sheridan for sending me some of the internets most coveted fabrics - Munki Munki - If you have not heard of it - do yourself a favor & avoid all knowledge. & I must thank Rose Marie who sent me some novelties for my I SPY quilt. "Doe a Deer" was missing from my selection - so while you may think that I or someone else collecting for project "X" has everything, you never know... (When I was collecting for my cat charm quilts, I had several people send me some kitites - many were "new" to me.)
Today Jacob is scheduled to get his H1N1 vaccination after which he will return to Day Care & I will go home & hopefully cut some more fabric! (I know "bad mommy" I'll get over it right after you do.) What you thought I would go back to work, bwah ha ha ha!


Rian said...

Now you've got my curiosity stirred up for Munky-Munky!

*karendianne. said...

Very cool of you to be donating. You're that kind of nice, giving person though.

Hope to hear how Jacob did, Amy! All good Blogger friends like updates dontcha know. :)

McIrish Annie said...

Your boy is getting sooo big! hope the vacine doesn't make him and ultimately you cranky!

and how do you find time to quilt and be a mom, etc etc?? do you not sleep?!!!

Cathi said...

I'm now very curious about munki munki. Had never heard of it!