Friday, October 16, 2009

The future

In the future, as in this weekend I hope to make an apple cake.

I want to try this one.

I will not be travelling south tomorrow because this will be clogging our roads. Nevermind, I thought they were talking about Motorcycle Bikes. :o) Oh & I officially have not touched my own bicycle since before I got pregnant!

With that talk about driving, lets hope that we do not have a marathon errand running session like we did on Monday -

After taking Jacob for a sick visit to make sure that his bug bites were in fact bug bites & nothing to worry about & then taking him to day care we were off! (I may have already forgotten some of our steps since I have had time for the agony to have worn off.)

1. Donations at Salvation Army - Baby Stuff & clothes & other miscellaneous stuff - but you can't tell by looking... Ugh.

2. Costo - where we managed to forget Formula, so we will be going back there tomorrow - kill me now. But we got fish & produce.

3. Target - gotta print those baby pictures... (& other stuff - who am I kidding - including some "retro" Fisher Price toys! YAY!)

Caveat - we like specific brands/flavors & not all stores carry all brands or flavors

4. Supermarket G - pizza shells, etc.

5. Supermarket W - produce, plain Yo Baby & Yo baby meals, etc.

6. Supermarket M - produce, pizza cheese - yes they have pizza cheese at the other markets, but I did have a caveat..., etc.

7. Supermarket T - produce, cheese, cake, etc.

then we went to pick up the baby so that we could go home & start dinner

whew that was exhausting.

Please tell me that your errand runs sound vaguely familiar... What you don't go to 4 supermarkets?


Rian said...

2. Costo - where we managed to forget Formula, so we will be going back there tomorrow - kill me now.

LOL!! This is entirely too familiar! I always forget something. We have to go a long way to get to Costco, so unless we have something else to do in town, going back is out of the question.

Pat said...

We have 3 different supermarkets within a mile and a half of our home (within about 3/4 of a mile of each other), so I routinely go to many markets in one run!!!

Libby said...

I have 3 stores I shop at regularly and have recently added Target to the mix (they carry the lunch meat that I like a la your caveat *s*)

I made apple cake this week. I'll share the recipe if you like.

Silkquilter said...

"What you don't go to 4 supermarkets? "

1st Supermarket: 10 miles away
2nd & 3rd Supermarket: 20 miles away.

When you choose to live rural, you also choose the inconveniences. lol

Mama Koch said...

We only have two grocery stores and they're owned by the same company...and then there's wallyworld.

Kay said...

We have a great chain of locally owned groceries; one of the best things about the town, actually. I go only there, except for farmer's market.

Thanks for that apple cake recipe. It looks a lot like one that my neighbor Mary Grace used to make, and I'd lost the recipe. I made the one from the Silver Palate cookbook yesterday. It's delicious, but MUCH more complicated.

I'd never have picked you as a "farm girl"!
Don't know what I mean by that.

The Calico Quilter said...

Three groceries within 10 minutes of the house, but the smallest and closest one - surprise! - has better produce and is never crowded, so I patronize it faithfully and hope they never go out of business or move the store. The best thing about where I live is that everything is convenient.

And PLEASE don't make me go to Walmart.

Sweet P said...

I've never understood going from store to store to buy groceries. My MIL does it to save money. I'm wondering if she saves enough to pay for the extra gas and time running from store to store. Your reasoning of liking certain brands that aren't available everywhere works for me.

We grocery shop at two stores. There is a family-run butcher shop where we buy all of our meat. We shop there about once a month and buy all our meat for a month. All of other food is from the chain supermarket down the street. Once in a while, especially in the summer and harvest time, I will shop at another family-owned farm to buy fresh produce.