Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall (Or Autumn if you must)

I must have a Rockwellian ideal image of fall in my brain.* I must think that it should all be about those showy bright leaf changers... Well in my neck of the woods, that is not it at all.

On Saturday, we went to Cumberland, Maryland "The Mountainside of Maryland" in search of fall. We decided to go to the C&O Canal & specifically the Paw Paw Tunnel. We had a nice time hiking & the drive was nice as well.
Pan handle of WV This photo was taken in West Virginia on our way home.
Paw Paw Tunnel C&O Canal The tunnel.
DSC08821.JPG The C&O tow path at a particularly fallish spot.
DSC08843.JPG So we stopped to capture the moment.

On Sunday, Jacob & I went to a local Fall Festival - with every other resident of our county. The weather was perfect so who could blame us.
DSC08859.JPG "I can tell we are going to have some fun!"
DSC08861.JPG "Next year I will be able to join the big kids jumping in the hay!"
DSC08865.JPG "Pumpkin."
DSC08869.JPG "The Great Pumpkin."
DSC08872.JPG Look at my big boy standing tall. :o)
After our fun was over, I decided to go to the farmer's market that is also located at this farm. That is where I slid down hill hurting my knee. (Which is begining to feel better - thanks so much for all of the well wishes.)

* I "grew up" mostly in Central Texas where this is not the image of fall, so I am not sure where my theory began.


Vicki W said...

What a happy baby!

Libby said...

I have those same mental images of fall - they are coming true for me this year *s*

Such a happy little fella you have there. I just want to squish those little cheeks!

Quiltluver said...

Having lived in Michigan all my life, I also have those fall color pictures in my brain. I love fall, and those pictures of Jacob at the Fall Festival are adorable. Kids and pumpkins are so cute! Karen

Exuberant Color said...

Waht a cutie he is. This is the last year you'll get him to sit that still for pictures.

Carin said...

He is so cute I just love his big grin!

imquilternity said...

Jacob is certainly a cutie!!

The Calico Quilter said...

How cheerful Jacob looks! And sorry about the "owie".

We're not getting fall yet either, just damp leaves. Too much rain.

hetty said...

Love your fall photos. Jacob is too cute for words! What a smile! Kids and pumpkins! Great images!

Anonymous said...

He is so cute, love the pic in the leaves. He looks like a very happy little guy!

Rian said...

Every time I see a photo of Calico Kitten I break into a huge smile!

jovaliquilts said...

The photo of Jacob sitting on the huge pumpkin is adorable!!

Kaye Prince said...

Your little boy is so cute, I love all the pictures with him and the pumpkins!

My Mum is pretty awesome when it comes to things like that! In my opinion we Thanksgiving babies are the greatest ;)

Jody of Because I'm Me said...

Oh those smiles!!! He's wonderful. Lovely fall pictures too.

GRACE said...

oh amy, he has even changed since i saw him just recently, unbelievable! where does time go? sorry to hear about your knee, really inconvenient i imagine.